Backed-up, optimised and protected

Website Security and Maintenance

Once a website is live, it can’t take care of itself. Like a car, it requires ongoing maintenance to continue to run smoothly and to deliver on its objectives for your business.

Having a website maintenance plan ensures that your website is always up to date in terms of its design, functionality, security and backup. It can also protect your business from the potentially high price of website downtime and cyber-attack.

Our hosting and maintenance service takes care of all this on your behalf, giving you peace of mind that your website is performing optimally whilst allowing you the time to get on with running your business. The package includes:

  • Full monthly backups of your WordPress site
  • 24/7 Firewall Security Scanning
  • Your website is protected in real time, around the clock, from any malicious hacks or viruses.
  • Plugins and Core WordPress Updates
  • Super-fast Hosting
  • dodio Security Guarantee – whatever goes wrong with your website, we’ll fix it for you.