Meet the team...

Chris Kean

Managing Director

This handsome borderline genius is a cross between Ryan Reynolds and Brian Cox and was responsible for writing the bios.

Senga Crosby

Marketing Director

An encyclopedia of marketing knowledge and knows how to use it. Always planning & organising, she’s the glue that holds everything together.

Jameson Lai

Head of Design

This snack fan is an artist. Knocking out original designs for digital and print, with one hand on his mouse and the other reaching for a cookie.

Natalie Barras

Natalie Barras

Social Media Executive

Using fancy terms like “Content Pillars”, “Employee Advocacy” and “TikTok”, Natalie clearly knows her onions when it comes to Social Media Management. She must be really young.

Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong

Graphic Designer
Aimee Lambert

Aimee Lambert

Digital Marketing Apprentice