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June 12, 2017
Website hosting via the medium of analogy
Website hosting via the medium of analogy
August 4, 2017
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When it comes to sitting down to do work, especially on a Monday after a nice relaxing weekend off it can be hard to motivate myself.

I've been using these 4 simple steps lately and I feel more motivated to get things done...
  1. Keep a clean desk - simple but effective, if your desk is cluttered your work processes can become cluttered and less efficient
  2. Silence your phone - it's too much of a distraction, when you get alerts left, right and centre, either social media, news alerts, texts asking 'what's for tea tonight?'. How are you supposed to stay focused?!
  3.  Sit by a window (if you can) looking outside can be really good for your mind, helping attention to detail and focus
  4. Prioritise - write down your 3 most important tasks and get to it...I love a good list, it's so satisfying to cross off those 'to do's'

There are loads of apps out there now that can help prioritise and organise workloads, some that i quite like are:


If you are like me and come to the end of the day thinking, ‘where has the day gone’ then this maybe helpful. Rescue time tracks which websites you have spent your time on. It will also let you know the hours of the day/week you are most unproductive. Helpful right?

Price: Free

Google Drive

Lots of people will have heard of Google Drive and will be a regular user. I've not used it much until recently and it's great. Especially useful if you are on the go quite a bit and not always at your desk as you can access your files from any device you've linked to. Plus it backs them all up. Bonus.

Price: First 15Gb Free


This simple app goes straight into your web browser. You set the time you want it to run for and when the time is up a notification alerts you. This is great for when you end up drifting into other things or you are working to a deadline.

Price: Free

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