Marketing Strategy


Unless for some reason you’d prefer directionless marketing activity, while not understanding your customers, gifting your competitors a free digital lunch and chucking your budget down a blind alley – then you NEED a digital marketing strategy.  We’re so passionate about this that we’d rather spend some time convincing you for free just so we can sleep at night.  Go on… test us!

A good digital marketing strategy should set clear goals for your business, demonstrate your progress in the market and help you to remain competitive.  It should be solid enough to rely on but flexible enough to respond in an environment that is always evolving.


Here's what we do;



Firstly, together we’ll evaluate your business. We'll look at your brand, your competitors and building an insight into your position in the market.  We’ll discover what makes you stand out from your competitors and what you could do differently.  Following some trends while setting others.


Find your customers

We’ll find your best customers.  Digitally, it’s possible to be very specific. For example, a gardener can increase his chance of engaging a potential customer if he knows the age, locations, interests and occupations of his audience.


Choose your channels

Digital Marketing = Delivering content across multiple platforms online.  Choosing the right channels relies heavily on the products or services you offer and where your audience spends its time online, and it’s essential you put your resources into the right ones.  Take our gardener for example,  Facebook could give him the exposure he needs.  Fashion is your thing? Pinterest could be ideal.   

Simply using social media is not the whole ball game, to be successful online your strategy must fit your needs. Let’s return to our gardener… his Facebook page is reaching an audience, but perhaps without reputable reviews, quality content and the right tone of voice he’s not getting any miles on his mower!


Goals, goals, goals!

By now, we’re ready to set some goals, knowing where to prioritise and how to focus activity.  Goals could be a number of conversions from website traffic, a number of positive reviews left by customers or linked to growing your online community though likes, followers and subscribers.  There’s no “one size fits all” solution here. 

This is why we suggest having a good, strategic content plan to help achieve these goals.  A content plan will allow you to publish your relevant content in a regular, orderly manner which is great for your audience.   Doing the ground work has taught us about your audience and your market so knowing what to publish, when and where is a breeze.


Evaluate the results

A critical part of implementing a digital marketing strategy is to evaluate the results.  The effectiveness of every campaign must be measured to understand its effectiveness.  All statistical data from each platform will have their numbers crunched and the findings reported on. 

This evaluation will show us your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)and your Return on investment (ROI).  We’ll take all this data and revise your existing digital marketing plan for the following year, continuously improving.