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December 31, 2017
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Hotlist of web design trends in 2018

It’s that time of year again when we look to see what is ‘hot’ and ‘not’ in the coming year in web design

It’s important to look at what is upcoming to adapt styles to suit users wants and needs.

We've collated some of the predictions that we think make the hotlist for 2018.


Video is predicted to be making an even bigger statement this year and a lot of brands will be switching their focus to using video on their websites.

Videos are becoming a part of brand’s presentation and communication, they are a great way to convey a large amount of information quickly.

Videos can enhance designs and make the user experience better.


Illustrations create a unique visual style and can set the tone of a brand, while adding playfulness to content. Creativity and colour can increase the impact it makes on visitors.

Animations have been seen to slowly creep into web design in recent years.

They allow brands to translate more content in an efficient way, helping to tell a story in a few seconds. Logos, backgrounds and menus have become animated, leading to more engaging content.


Typography is a powerful tool to deliver information to readers. Many sites are opting for clever and prominent typography rather than photography or illustrations. Bright and bold minimalist simple styles will be seen all over this year. The beauty of simple styles create a timeless statement on any design.


We saw that Twitter changed its square profile photos for round ones last year and Google has also rounded off their edges for a softer look. Many companies and brands will no doubt follow suit.


Brutalism as a word comes from the French for ‘raw’ which is another way of describing sites that are stripped-down and have no frills or aesthetic concern.

The inspiration comes from a number of aspects, not at least architecture. This architectural trend was prominent during the mid-1900s and utilised concrete to produce harsh and imposing structures.


Many websites use a ‘sticky’ feature in their main navigation menu.

The menus scrolls with the page, then sticks to the top once it reaches the top of the viewpoint.

More brands will be looking to add this feature and we will see more of it this coming year as once again this enhances the users experience by having the navigation to hand.

Roll on 2018, we can't wait to see how things unfold and the new features that could be introduced into web design.

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