Content Marketing


Content is king.  No, effective content is king, or at least is a very influential member of the royal family.  If you’re interested in marketing your business online (and who isn’t at this point?) you can’t escape content marketing. 

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of free, useful information to engage and convert your audience into customers. The type of content you share, and the platforms you use must be relevant to your brand, your tone of voice consistent. 

Content marketing uses Blogs, Video, Social Media and in any smart online marketing strategy, works with all of your written and visual content.  People are tired of ads but will greedily consume useful, interesting and entertaining content, and when we care we share. Valuable content can have a powerful effect when created to benefit others… growing your reach, your sales and your business.


A few of the benefits of Content Marketing


Improve SEO An effective content marketing strategy will improve your ranking in search engine results.  Googles clever bots will sniff out your quality content, and your website will be rewarded. Also, good content will earn inbound links to your website, as people share your material, increasing your domain authority and bumping you higher up the results page.


Drive traffic As you build a stable of quality content, you’ll drive more traffic to your website.  Today’s consumers want to learn more about a brand and its products before committing to a purchase, and your blogs, videos, eBooks etc. will lead them there. 


Increased conversion potential the first objective with content marketing is to engage, inform and bring value to your audience.  Once that’s taken care of, there’s space left to tactfully pitch your products or services.


Improve your brand when people read your material, they’ll build an impression of your brand. If they find your content useful they’ll think more highly of your brand. If your content is shared with them, they’ll perceive you as trustworthy and an authority in your industry.


Content marketing is being used my most businesses today.  But effective content marketing? Not so much.