Brand Identity

If your name was missing from your website, would your customers still know it was you?


A brand isn’t all colours and logos.  Your brand defines you, representing your values and setting you apart from your competition.

A successful brand identity should be built on good strategy to define who you are, developed as a whole with creativity and consistency.  If you don’t know who you are and what you represent, your customers won’t either.

We can help you give the best first impression to your audience, and leave a lasting impression with your customers. 


But part of a brand is also colours and logos! And we like nothing more than starting with a blank page and creating something creative, innovative and that will blow your competitors out of the water. 


Visual Brand Identity

A complete visual brand identity, developed creative strategy and kept in good shape with comprehensive brand guidelines.



Business cards, letterhead, compliment slips… anything you need in your locker as part of an overall communications strategy


Promotional Material

Though we love digital, beautifully designed leaflets, flyers, can still be an excellent promotional tool.  We’ll keep you right with consistent, brand building print that will get your business noticed offline.